Venues Of Immortality

From Project "Venues Of Immortality" - Photo by Pari Dukovic

From Project “Venues Of Immortality” – Photo by Pari Dukovic

New York City, the great metropolis, crammed with people, cars, buildings, streets, bridges, noise, and already, it’s too much to put on paper. I started photographing the City every night, documenting its subways and streets in hopes of capturing its psyche. In all, I wanted to portray the City in much the same way I felt about it; The images, bold and instantaneous, come across as charged and unexpected. My approach mimics this off balance world, charged and unexpected. I walk around, often without looking through the camera, intuitively responding to the ephemeral. While photographing I envisioned breaking the rules, deliberately creating an overly contrasty and grainy reality to parallel my experience.  The contrast was a perfect marriage with my subject matter. I was able to translate the energy and spontaneity. I wanted to let everything go and just concentrate on the raw energy.

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