Portfolio: Kai Wiedenhöfer

From "Middle East: Looking for change" Project - Photo by Kai Wiedenhöfer

From the project "Middle East: Looking for change" - Photo by Kai Wiedenhöfer

  Winner Of W. Eugene Smith Award 2002

Middle East: Looking for change

Robert Capa advised his colleagues to like people and to let them know it. During my first stay in the Middle East I realized that without knowing the people’s language, this would hardly be possible. I wrote in my notebook: “Without language, good photography is not possible. After I had taken several intensive courses, I moved to Tehran and …

Kai Wiedenhöfer

Kai Wiedenhöfer, born in Germany in 1966, studied photography at the Folkwang School in Essen and Arabic in Damascus, Syria. Since 1989 the focus of his work is mainly the Middle East. He has received numerous awards, as the Leica Medal of Excellence, the Alexia Grant for World Peace and Cultural Understanding, World Press Photo Awards and lately the Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award. He has published three books with Steidl Perfect Peace (2002) , Wall (2007) and The Book of Destruction (2010). Currently he is working on a book about separation and border barriers worldwide.

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