Portfolio: Stephen Dupont

From "Axe Me Biggie, or Mr Take My Picture" Project - Photo: Stephen Dupont

From the project "Axe Me Biggie, or Mr Take My Picture" - Photo: Stephen Dupont

 Winner Of W. Eugene Smith Award 2007

Axe Me Biggie, or Mr Take My Picture

A series of anonymous Polaroid portraits taken on the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan, 2006. Jacques Menasche writes, “Axe Me Biggie” — a crude Anglo phonetic rendering of the Dari for “Mister, take my picture!” — is Stephen’s answer to the plea he’s heard all over town the previous three weeks. It seems to mean something in English, “axe” being just a more visceral and violent version of the camera verb “to shoot,” returning all its original aura of surrender. And because Stephen has that pulverizing Aussie-rules rugby body, “Axe Me Biggie” also seems a request addressed to him personally. Stephen is Biggie. And on this day Biggie finally answers them all, en masse, saying, “Yes, alright. I will axe you, shoot you, take your bloody picture. Have a seat!” Twenty framed mural size gelatin silver prints make up this exhibition. Here is the selection along with some installation pictures of the show at FotoFreo Festival, Fremantle, Australia in April 2008.

Stephen Dupont

Stephen Dupont is an international award winning Australian photojournalist and a member of Contact Press Images. His reportage has been featured in The New Yorker, Newsweek, French and German GEO, Liberation, The Sunday Times Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, and Time, and has earned him photography’s most prestigious prizes, including a Robert Capa Gold Medal citation from the Overseas Press Club of America in 2006, and first places in the World Press Photo and Pictures of the Year International.

Having exhibited his work in London, Paris, New York, Sydney, Tokyo, Shanghai, and at Perpignan’s Visa Pour L’Image Festival, in 1999 Dupont was a founding member of the first festival of photojournalism in Australia: REPORTAGE- A Celebration of Australian Photojournalism.

He works on long term projects around war, conflict and social issues.

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