Think Global, Act Local

Anchor and Hope, 2009, from the series Unheralded Stories, © Tom Hunter.

From The Ghetto to the National Gallery, Tom Hunter continues to explore themes that depict his local neighborhood, drawing on art historical references to paint Hackney in a different light to the usual lurid newspaper stories of urban blight.

Three years ago Paul Wombell curated a group exhibition for Photo Españain Madrid drawing attention to what he said was a small but growing band of photographers who were responding to the world at a local, neighborhood level.

Arguing that they offered an important counterpoint to the “totalised view of the world” presented by the “global photography” of Andreas Gursky, Sebastião Salgado, Thomas Struth and others, the show (Local, The End of Globalisation) included work by Tom Hunter, whose commitment to and engagement with the area he had lived in for more than a decade, said Wombell, lent his work a greater depth.

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