In God’s Hands

Migrants reach out for blankets at a provisional prison in Nogales. Many migrants that are found without an identity card are sent to prison for 48 hours. Photo by Markel Redondo

Hundreds of thousands of Latin Americans risk their lives each year trying to reach the United States. The UN estimates that some 25 million of them have now immigrated to the US. Most migrants these days come from Central America where poverty, lack of work and an ever increasing level of drug related violence is making daily life a struggle for many.

‘What most caught my attention was the desperation that drives a person to leave everything behind. I understood that migration is forced, that these people don’t have a choice. They leave their countries in order to survive’ Markel notes about his encounter with many of the migrants.

Markel Redondo met people all along the route taken by tens of thousands of migrants – their fate, according to many of them, “in God’s hands”.

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