Malawi by Ed Kashi

Benson Sango, 21, has been held in Maula Prison for 28 months without a trial and suffers from scabies as a result of the conditions at the prison.

It is estimated that on any given day three million people around the world are behind bars awaiting trial. Many spend months and even years without legal representation in squalid conditions while their families suffer the consequences of their detainment at home. Ed Kashi visits such detainees and their family members in Malawi, shedding light on this flagrant lack of pretrial justice. The results are crippling to family and village life, as it is not uncommon for families to lose almost everything with the head of the household detained for an undetermined amount of time. Crops fail and prized possessions are sold – all in an effort to keep a family afloat and afford the costs of visiting a loved one in prison. Further compounding the problem are the health implications of the conditions in many of these prisons. Maula Prison, one of Malawi’s largest, was built to hold 800 prisoners but now holds nearly 1900, creating a broad range of prison related health problems.

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